I’m Salika Ajaz,
Indian-origin interior designer

based in London, offering her services around the globe. She offers end to end services to deliver designs that go beyond the client’s expectations.

My Biography

She specialises in creating bespoke designs for clients so they get designs that suit their personality and fit their budget. Her design aesthetics seeks to find the perfect balance between beauty and functionality. She has to her credit interior designs and renovations for a varied magnitude of projects.

Work Stages

Salika personally handles and directs all the stages of the work. She appoints assistance wherever needed all the while working closely with them. She is very versatile and has an adaptable process to accommodate all her clients. However, no matter what the process the key steps remain the same.


The first step to the designing process is to get a complete idea of the client’s vision, requirement and the desired outcome. She completely studies the site and property and tries to get a sense of the client’s personality and brand. She sets out to work on the project by defining goals based on the timescale and budget.


BERLAGE, Rotterdam —

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Design Concept

Once the client is briefed of the design plan the next step is the creative process. She utilizes the information she has gathered and the design plan to create a layout. She creates 2D and 3D models or rendered images so that the clients have a better understanding of the design goal.


CINTAS Foundation —

CINTAS Foundation Fellowship in Architecture

Design Finalization

Having received a visual model of the design, the client can review the design proposal, make changes and tweaks. The designer works on the finer details and finishes, things that may have escaped the first glance. Once completed with the alterations she has a final design for her clients.


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Objectively pursue diverse catalysts for change


Once the design has been approved the construction begins. Whether it is a completely renovation or just a decoration process she handles things expertly, so the clients can enjoy a smooth journey and see their design vision turn to reality.


Folow me

Objectively pursue diverse catalysts for change